Terms and Conditions

Please read these before booking your space.

- All deposits are non-refundable.

- All deposits are non-transferable meaning dates cannot be changed without paying a new deposit and losing out on your old one.

- No booking is taken without deposit. Your date is not secure if I have not received your deposit. 

- All cakes are your responsibility once they leave my shop. I stack and prepare my cakes with the utmost care and make them as stable as possible. If you do not store/transport your cakes correctly CuteCakes will not be held responsible.

- If anything does happen to your cake please get in touch and if I can help then I will always do my best as accidents happen :)

- Cakes should be transported in a cool clean, empty boot or in the passenger foot well and NOT on an empty seat.


- Once cut, your cake should be wrapped in cling film and kept covered in the box. Do not store in the fridge.